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INNOVATION IN BIO PRODUCTS AND AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGY Terrallgae english from Steve Papers Professional Writer MICRO ALGAE PRODUCTION SYSTEM Micro algae are capable of producing sustainable bio products and bio fuels by using carbon dioxide or other carbon substances in various cultivation modes. HIGH QUALITY MICRO ALGAE Closed, controlled production system Intensive Lab analysis plan| maximum product safety […]

Assignments – Inspirational Leaders

Mahatma Gandhi: A life of inspiration on Presentation on teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, whose profound spirituality and belief in justice inspired the world. In remembrance of his life of inspiration on his birth anniversary.  Project info Client: Ishaani B Traction: Views – 200,K+, Shares – 3K+, Comments – 200+, Downloads – 1K+ Nelson Mandela: A life of […]

Character Sketch for product story

Flexi was a mascot created telling the story of the product that enhances learning and teaching in the digital age. Character Sketch for product story telling for Flexiguru, an online education platform that optimizes MOOCs. Project info Client: Piron Corp Published: Oct 10, 2014 Book your Product Advertisement on stevepaper.com or on Whatsapp ( Contact : +965 […]

MBA presentation on Laws of Marketing

Management presentation on Laws of Marketing along with learning the concepts on marketing, business development, we must also know the art of presenting the concepts well. Project info Client: Individual Traction: Views – 10K+, Shares – 1K+, Comments – 3 Book your Product Advertisement on stevepaper.com or on Whatsapp ( Contact : +965 98080217)

Future of Recruitment

Trend research and predictions in recruitment and HR industry. Featured in #FutureOf Campaign on Slideshare as Featured of the Day and Hot on Twitter. The research article went viral on Business2Community with more than 400 social shares. Project info Client: Anonymous Published: Dec 18, 2014 | Public Traction: Views – 8K+, Shares – 200+ Book your Product Advertisement on stevepaper.com or […]

Brand it Like Santa

Christmas holiday campaign presentation. A unique storyline on Santa’s brand value. Project info Client: Arbunize Published: Dec 25, 2018 | Public Traction : Views – 8K+, Shares – 100+ Book your Product Advertisement on stevepaper.com or on Whatsapp ( Contact : +965 98080217)



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