Does current COVID-19 outbreak and city lockdown affecting your operations and you are facing short term developers need to pull existing projects etc?

If yes, we can help, we are helping businesses who are stuck in lockdown and not able to support clients or deliver projects as their own team in white-label manner.

StevePaper offers support to build new projects or support existing apps at an affordable rates.

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Tablet App development
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Tablet App development


Without a clear idea of what a company does, investors will not invest, reporters will not report, and users will not buy.
You can hire us for working on your business presentations, startup pitches, and expect impressive work.
We enjoy working on businesses and start-ups with their market research, financial modelling, projections and business plans.
We work by understanding the real purpose of the PPT and thus structure our delivery to meet your objectives.
Trust us when we tell you we can understand your domain, you will be impressed by the experts we have on the job.
By following the changes in the software world constantly, we never approve of software projects being built on traditional practices.We always provide safer, more modern and dynamic solutions to our customers with innovative perspectives.
Always understanding our customers’ desires and wishes; We aim to create software that is clear and practical and safe to use.
With extra features or applications for the extra expense, we do not create the implication and perception that something is being done.

How do we work ?

Steve Paper is a creative digital agency.

We have a huge writer, designer and developer team. When you give us your project (essay writing, mobile app development, web design etc), we deliver your project to the relevant department.

And than our department gives you a deadline, invoice and awesome work.

Do we have references ?

Steve Paper is one of the best creative work agency in Delhi. So of course we have many experience and references.

You can visit our references page !

Do we create e-commerce website ?

Yes, We create responsive, seo friendly e-commerce website.

You can check our references website to see what we have done.

Why Should I Work With You?

Steve Paper software and Content creation services are more prominent as there are projects that are priced at affordable costs as well as both quality and secure software solutions.

How Is Project Cost Calculated?

Project planning is done after the needs of our customers are determined. The duration of the planned project directly affects the working prices. Wage reductions are made for projects that require long-term studies.

Do We Have The Right to Revise the Website Designs?

It offers unlimited revision rights in website and mobile application designs. It is possible to work on the design until all your concerns are eliminated.

Who did I work with?

We managed to adapt the leading sectors to the new generation technologies with the services provided to the leading corporate companies.



Company Briefs
  • Financial Modelling
  • Investor Decks
  • Board Meeting Data and Presentations
  • Business Plans and Proposal Curations
  • Case Studies
  • Management Presentations
Research Presentations
  • Topic research and storyline
  • Data presentation and infographics
  • Analytical reports
  • Whitepaper abstract
  • Industry trends
Start-ups and Orgs
  • Culture Code
  • Product / Service Brochure
  • Investor Pitch
  • Company Mascot and Character Development
Marketing & Campaigning
  • Brand Design
  • Product launch Campaign
  • Holiday Campaign
Training and Workshops
  • Designing Subject Matter Training
  • Media Organization and Workshop Structuring
  • Workshop Guides and Training Material Preparations

About us

Our professionals will complete your content using detailed procedures to ensure quality and plagiarism-free information. This includes using reputable sources while gathering research and comprising the material into a unique product. The end result is original work not found on the internet. Customer happiness is a key index of our goal settings… again, the idea is to have you impressed.


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